• Piano sample analyses.

Here you will find examples of the kind of aircraft models and technical analyses that Piano can generate:

Note! Piano's models are constructed independently on the basis of generally available non-confidential information and descriptions, and rely on the best knowledge or estimates of Lissys for other details and appropriate technology levels. They are not in any way endorsed by the manufacturers or by any other organisation, and should not be interpreted as representing guaranteed or brochure levels of performance.

The Gulfstream G550 (previously the Gulfstream GV-SP) is typical of the current generation of long-range business jets using the best design standards of today. This example shows the level of fidelity that can be achieved with a comparatively small number of inputs.

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner is still under development. This analysis is based on the baseline configuration's status as of Autumn 2005 (Added update note: June 2006). Boeing has released only minimal details at this time, and changes can be expected. It will be interesting to review this evaluation after the aircraft flies.

Finally, there is something completely different: The 'Long Dragon' report takes an intriguing look at an unexplored market. It is an example of the power of Piano when there are no similar existing designs to rely on.

Sample analysis: Gulfstream G550 (GV-SP)

Sample analysis: Boeing 787-8 (Dreamliner)

The curious tale of the Long Dragon (or download .pdf file, 240Kb)

Update - 2008: You can now download free samples of the Boeing 787-8, A300-600R and Fokker F70 with Piano-X. These are active models with adjustable characteristics, not static reports. Latest assessments of projects such as the A350-XWB and Gulfstream G650 are available for Piano-X.

Samples may change or be updated on rare and random occasions.

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