A Brief Status Update (April 2020)

In the context of the global COVID-19 crisis, here are a few words about Lissys and Piano:

1. Lissys is focused on Piano precisely as it has been during the last three decades. Customers continue to be supported as usual.

2. Lissys is in a strong independent position and able to provide continuity into the indefinite future.

Piano has tacitly served as a de-facto global reference standard for a generation. It has supported a lot of developmental work, provided objective design assessments of existing and projected aircraft, and played a central role in the credible quantification of CO2 emissions.

The current crisis is expected to transform our global aviation Industry in ways that are hard to predict.

Over recent years I have spoken to many experienced people working in OEMs, Research, Governmental and Multinational organisations. Many of you will be concentrating on re-structuring tasks that are now essential. Some of you are also concerned, as I am, about a creeping loss of core expertise that has been apparent in key areas of engineering design assessment and certification.

I would encourage those of you who are in positions of leadership to get in touch if you agree that a trusted universal tool can speed up, rationalise and help to coordinate the necessary work by acting as a shared reference language; that for maximum benefit and trust, such a common standard should be entirely open and available in the public domain; and that the time to bolster technical educational foundations is now.



N.B. The old website address (www.lissys.demon.co.uk) has now been simplified to: www.lissys.uk .
Please note the important matching change of contact details in the Contact section.